Mobile banking app with 4m+ users

  • CLIENT: Lloyds Bank
  • PROJECT:Mobile 3.0


Lloyds banking group is the the UK’s largest financial services group which also includes Halifax, Bank of Scotland, and Scottish Widows.

I was hired by LLoyds to help replatform and align design accross the existing mobile banking apps and to design and prototype the next generation app, incorporate features like open-banking.

Vision designs I created for Lloyds next generation banking app

Redesign Process

Design work was conducted in 2-week design sprints

Design work was conducted in 2-week sprints following a Google style model. The first week of each sprint involved lightning talks and Q&A sesstions with experts from different areas of the bank such as Statements and Payments.

Initial ideas were sketched and critiqued
Alternate concepts were evaluated side-by-side


Refined concepts were prototyped using Principle and tested with customers at branches and at Lloyds in-house user testing lab. Testing results and insights were used to take one final concept through to refinement.
Customer testing lab for evaluating prototypes
An early prototype

Alignment & Best Practice

The second stream of work was aligning the design and replatforming the existing live app, to enable a smoother transition to the new app with established best practices. I created and managed a set of mobile style guides and introduced common components and patterns to ensure consistency accross the many different feature teams in the bank.

Example pages from the mobile style guide


To develop further innovative concepts to improve Lloyds offering, I participated in a number of hack days where I designed prototypes for a Google Wear android app and banking concepts for customers with mental health issues.

Lloyds banking wearable app protoype
Protype funtionality for mental health


The Lloyds mobile banking app was selected as the leading mobile banking app for usability by Forrester and the new design is being rolled out to over 4 million customers in a staged delivery.