MPC Film

Web app design for a world-leading visual effects studio

  • CLIENT: MPC Film
  • PROJECT:VFX management application


MPC Technicolour are a world-leading visual effects house who work on blockbuster movies like Bladerunner 2049 and Jungle Book.

Each movie has thousands of individual shots with hundreds of artists collaborating together accross the globe from different disciplines. Due to the complexity of these projects, their exiting ways of working were ineffiencient and prone to error.

MPC needed a new system to improve collaboration, productivity and user happiness.

Research Process

We started out by interviewing representatives from each of the key user groups to ascertain detailed information about their roles, challenges and to gain an understanding of the film production process. We then distilled this information into a set of UX artefacts.

The relationship of all users involved in a film
The VFX film production process
A user persona

Creating these enabled us to discover which aspects of the production process we needed to focus on and these challenges were presented back to MPC at the end of our initial discovery phase, balancing out user needs with business requirements.

High-level user needs
High-level business needs

Because there are so many user groups involved we grouped them into higher-level clusters to simplify this.

User groups were clustered to help with feature design and prioritisation

Design Process

I ran regular workshops with users to sketch out initial ideas, which we then evaluated and critiqued.

Sketching workshops were used to form inital concepts

Following this, concepts were worked up into wireframes. To get early stage validation on these, I ran user testing sessions with key users where wireframes were presented on a projector and then further changes and iterations were drawn over the top as required.

Testing wireframes using a projector

High-fidelity design

Once wireframes had been validated, I created high-fidelity designs in sketch. I created a style guide abd pattern library to ensure consistency accross components.

Style guide and patterns