Universal Music

Streaming music apps

  • CLIENT: Universal Music / David Lloyd
  • PROJECT:Streaming Apps


I spent 3 years heading up Innovation at Universal Music where I worked on a number of mobile streaming music apps including David Lloyd Playlist and Composed.

David Lloyd Playlist

Universal partnered with gym/fitness comany David Lloyd to create a music app to be offered alongside gym memberships. I worked with developer Chris Garrett to build a cross platform streaming app to deliver curated playlists matched to different workouts and exercises.



A quant survey, consumer workshop and focus groups were carried out with David LLoyd members regarding their music habits when exercising. We learned that users did not frequently update the music on their devices and only 9% were using streaming services such as Spotify.


An initial prototype was created and given to gym members to test with a number of mixes pre-baked into it. Overall it tested well, although users wanted to be able to skip tracks and a greater variety of music


Chris and I worked together to create a set of wireframes for the app, users flows and stories. There was a business descision that the product should use a subscription model, so a lot of work was done around offering a free trial with a push to the paid tier.

App wireframe
A top-level flow from the subscription journey

Visual Design & branding

We then created the brand and iterated through hi-fidelity designs for the app. As the project was a collaboration between David Lloyd and Universal, then branding was a particularly long process with so many stakeholders involved.

However we finally reached a design which aligned with David Lloyds brand whilst at the same time conveying music and motion using a graphic equaliser motif as steps.

Visual designs for David LLoyd Playlist

Playlists were colour-coded as per the feedback from our user testing and the play screen used a blur of the album art to give it a different but complimentary feel for each track. We also worked with David Lloyd's above-the-line agency to create promotional stands to be places in their clubs.

Designs for in-club promotional stands

Testing & Refinement

The product launched successfully with 5k initial users. In order to iterate on the MVP we surveyed users using a number of incentives such as Amazon Vouchers. We also used Flurry to track analytics within the app.

Further refinement using a mailchimp survey and analytics

There were a number of learnings from this, that users wanted to be able to have more customised playlists and also some UI factors, such as a need to enlarge the play buttons for users who found it fiddly when they sweating on a treadmill.