Vhi Health Assistant App

Mobile app for Ireland's largest healthcare provider

  • CLIENT: Vhi / Ribot
  • PROJECT:Vhi Health Assistant App


Vhi are the leading provider of health insurance in Ireland. I worked with Google-partner agency Ribot to create new features for the app and a redesign to bring it in-line with iOS12 and Android Pi.

Vhi are moving away from being an insurer to a healthcare provider with clinics so I also worked on a vision prototype for how the app could help patients from their initial consultation to experience at a hospital

Screens from the Vhi App redesign on iOS


The main feature I created was to support a partnership with Parkrun. The concept was to incentivise customers to go running to improve their wellbeing and health. I began by conducting some background research on Parkrun and other products in the running and fitness space.

Initial Research

It became clear that users were motivated by t-shirts they received from Parkrun, the community aspect of the events and that achivement is a large motivator for runners. This helped provide some initial validation around the concept and some pointers to guide the design.

I explored a cross-section of rewards we could use to motivate users to go running from physical gear to coaching. content and badges.

Rewards Exploration

The next step was putting together some initial skethces and a low-fidelity prototype. Initally these had the concept of the user earning points which could be redeemed for rewards and badges. Later this was simplified for an MVP to focus purely on physical rewards.

Initial concept sketches
Early prototype - press some buttons!!

A higher fidelity concept was then tested by an external testing agency with a number of Vhi and Parkrun customers. Users completed various tasks in the app such as claiming rewards and their repsonses were measured. They were also asked questions about their history with running and motivations for fitness.

User research tested tasks and qualitative responses from users

Some of the interactions in the app were more complex such as linking users Parkrun and Vhi accounts, so I created detailed flows to help solve these.

App flow for linking users accounts between Parkrun and Vhi

Feedback from testing was incorporated into a final visual design which was then put in to development. I explored a number of different designs with Vhi before settling on something that felt clean and on-brand.

The partner Vhi selected for physical rewards did not supply attractive images of the rewards so I reshot all the items using a DSLR and light tent. I also created on-boarding illustrations to ensure that users could easy see how the rewards process worked.

Product images were re-shot using a DSLR and light-tent
Visual desigh and on-boarding illustrations

The MVP of this feature had 25% of all Parkrun users in Ireland sign up in the first week. Vhi have shipped over 1k rewards so far with great feedback from users. On the back of this success, they have now comissioned a second iteration.


Vision Prototype

The other pieces I worked on Vhi were a redesesign and a future vision of the app to gives users a 5-star experience from seeing a doctor online to visiting one of their new clinics. This started with a workshop I ran at Vhi's offices where we looked at existing issues with the app design, such as multiple-entry point navigation and user/business needs.