Hey. I'm Marc

I’m an award-winning designer, developer and runner who makes kick-ass experiences using pixels, code and sound.

I’ve redesigned a business information editor used by 475m+ users for Google; created music streaming apps for Universal; a gyroscopic iPad magazine for Richard Branson; engineered surround sound into Jaguar cars and produced interactive breakdancing videos to promote ASOS.

I've worked with world leading brands and innovative startups

Film and music companies to health providers and banks

I also design and build my own products

Runsense for iOS help’s runners be more mindful of their training so they can achieve their goals and reduce the chances of injury.

As a runner myself I've become increasingly aware of the need for a more concious approach to training. I've designed and coded this native running journal from the ground up.

Desktop & Mobile UX


I've most recently been designing Google's New Merchant Experience, a redesign of Google My Business. Previously it's own web app but now integrated directly on Google Search. I collaborated with Google's Search, Maps and Material Design teams to land this high profile launch for billions of users worldwide.

Web App

MPC Film Production Tool

MPC Film are one of the world’s leading visual effects studios. I worked with them on a web application to revolutionise their production process for films like Jungle book and Blade Runner 2049 .

Android & IOS App

Vhi Health Assistant

I worked on new features and a total redesign of a mobile app for Ireland's largest health care provider which won a 2018 Spider Award.

The app lets customers consult with doctors online, instantly make claims on their insurance and get rewarded for going on Parkruns.